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Take This Job and Love It

Andrea Williams, Executive Director, had a jingle in her head while listening to country music. She loves making puns, so "Take this Job and Love It" was sung to Johnny Paycheck's "Take this Job and Shove It" while she drove to work.

Thursday, while thinking of staff shortages, she sought the help of resident Thomas Anderton to create their debut "Take This Job and Love It."

About Thomas

Thomas enjoys learning. When a guitar was donated, he immediately sought the help of YouTube videos. He inspires us here at 8th Street with his tenacious personality to go above and beyond to accomplish his dream of the day, despite what others say.

When staff frowned upon driving, Thomas went online, learned to take the driver's permit test, and passed his first try. The bullies in high school told him he would never have a girlfriend, and Carlene has been his sweetheart for nearly five years. Others frowned and said, "Thomas couldn't keep a job," but when Stan Stinson hired him at Earth & Stone Wood Fired Pizza, he said "he has needed more Thomas," and equated his enthusiasm for working to that of Will Ferrell in the "The Elf."

Thomas continues to dream. He is looking for a person to teach him how to drive now that he has his permit, so he can buy a truck and "jack it up." He continues to practice the guitar and had no problem jumping in to help finish the

the song "Take This Job and Love It."

Thomas is just one of the many faces at 8th Street that inspires us daily. It's why we took this job and love it. And if you have heart for helping adults like Thomas, visit

Lyrics to "Take this Job and Love It"

Co-Written by Andi Williams and Thomas Anderton

Take this job and love it

To 8th Street to the family

We need more house managers

To join the lovely family

And if you come and join us

we'll love you dearly too

so please come and join

the 305 family

Leave your old job

And come, come work for us instead

we'd love to have more people

to work for us instead

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