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About us



As a faith-based, non-profit serve adults with organization, Eighth Street Community provides services for adults with diverse disabilities ranging from autism, cerebral palsy, brain injury, hearing impaired, cognitive disability, and visually impaired.


Since 1979, we aim to:

  • Provide quality structured living arrangements and care plans

  • Advocate for individual strengths

  • Improve the quality of life activities that enable personal growth

  • Broaden our residents’ network of friends and family


The cost to provide the 24-hour, full-care service to each one of our residents is $2,500 per month. Because most of our resident's income is from Supplemental Security Income (SSI), on average, their monthly income is $733. Our residents have limited resources and are on disability, the most they earn is $733. That's why we work with our community to match their "everyday care."

Please consider making a monthly contribution to help with this ongoing need! If you would like to sponsor a resident, contact Andrea Williams.


305 8th Street is a 6,500 square foot home located in the heart of Huntsville, Alabama that was built in 1949 by the McDonald Family. In 1962, it became the home of the Booker Family. Mr. Booker worked at NASA and rented out bedroom in the basement to individuals interning in NASA's programs. This home, with 11 bedrooms and four living rooms seemed ideal to meet the vision of Miss Irene Smith for the purpose of serving mentally ill adults who had been living in the local missions. She purchased the home in 1979. Unfortunately, her vision was short-lived when she died unexpectedly.

Inez Bastin, Miss Smith’s sister, assumed responsibility in 1980 to carry out her sister’s vision. A few months later, Gordon Bastin joined his wife in the mission. In 1982, two intellectually disabled adults who had been

living in foster care were released from the Department of Human Resources and in need of a new home. Inez and Gordon decided, without hesitation, to accept them as members of their special 8th Street Family.  This decision would cause the home to lose

state-subsidized funding.

Out of adversity, a new vision was born to serve disabled adults with mental disabilities who required special care and structured living and could live in a place where they could become family. In 1982, Mr. and Mrs. Bastin received not-for-profit, 501 C (3) status, and changed the name to Jehovah Jireh, Incorporated, which means “The Lord Provides”.​

They opened up the Bastin Home in the early 90s, a state-funded home for mentally ill men in Athens, AL. The Bastin's both died in 2000 and while family members were able to sustain the mission, the homes and property and needs of the residents became overwhelming to manage. 

In 2007, Jehovah Jireh, Incorporated was on the brink of closing. Mrs. Andrea Vosper Williams, the granddaughter of Inez and Gordon Bastin, felt called to continue the dream of her grandparents and provide the residents with the guidance that they so desperately needed. After just two months of volunteering and praying the simple prayer, “Let Your Will be done”, Williams was given the strength to lead the community into a new era of solvency and positive change. Mrs. Williams serves as Executive Director, sharing her vision and telling the story of 305 8th Street. As a result, volunteers, churches, service groups, individuals, organizations, and corporations donate their time, talent, and other gifts and have become the foundation sustaining our mission to provide quality care.

305 8th Street is the primary residence and main hub for our organization. Surrounding properties fall under the umbrella of 305 8th Street. They offer more independence and flexibility in smaller settings for adults aware of common dangers who need structured schedules.

Today, we continue to operate on faith. We call ourselves 305 8th Street Community to honor the residents that have called it home for more than 40 years. 




Andrea Williams - Executive Director
Mr. and Mrs. Bastin


305 8th Street Community is managed by a Board of Directors. They are all volunteers who lend their knowledge and expertise to the development of our programs. The Board of Directors meets monthly with the sole purpose of ensuring that the programs are managed with integrity and that the needs of the residents are met.

Kimberly Gehrdes, Chairman

Chris Patty, Co-Chair, Strategic Plan Committee Chairman

Lisa Phillippart, Treasurer, HR Committee Chairman

Yvonne Tafoya, Member, Finance Committee Chairman

Caleb Ficken, Member, Strategic Planning Committee Co-Chairman

Joann Perez, Member, Fundraising Chairman

Roy Ferrante, Member, Fundraising Co-Chairman

Marilynn Schizcolda, Member, HR Committee

Stan Stinson, Member

Leka Medenbach, Ex-Officio

A caring and professional staff of House Manager carry out the daily functions for the residents. Dedicated volunteers range from assisting administrative work and direct food preparation and support of our resident's activities.

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