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Regions Bank
Avion Solutions
Iron Mountain
Troy 7
Leka B. Medenbach
Venturi, LLC

Thank you for considering helping with our future helping vulnerable adults who need 24-hr care.


Contact Susan

Phone: 256-431-7234


Our Sponsors
Two Funds with One Mission

305 8th Street Endowment at Merrill Lynch

Leka B. Medenbach established the 305 8th Street Endowment at Merrill Lynch in honor of her two daughters.  Leka is an ex-officio member of the board and has been advocating for the residents since 2007.  

305 8th Street Endowment 


Avion, Iron Mountain, Regions Bank, Troy 7, and Venturi are to be commended for their efforts to crowdfund the seed money to start an account at the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville. 

For more information, click here.

To make a contribution, click here.

*Use the drop-down menu and select 305 8th Street Fund

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