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Abilities Over Disabilities

Most individuals with intellectual disabilities get told "you can't do that.." , "you aren't cabable" , "it's too hard". But instead of focusing on the cant's of individuals disabilities, we focus on our resident's ABILITIES of their cans.

It is crazy what an individual is capable of when at least one person believes in them, and ultimately, when one believes in themselves. Because of that instinct, we have 10/20 residents that currently have jobs in our Huntsville community. These residents don't have jobs because someone feels pity for them, it's because they WANT to work, and they TRY. Our residents take pride in waking up, putting on their uniform, drinking a cup of coffee, and heading to their jobs.

Kellie and Sheila work in the cafeteria at Polaris Industries where they clean tables and stock supplies for over 200 employees.

Kevin washes and parks cars at Bentley Automotive.

John W works at Nippon Express on the assembly lines by separating parts for the line workers.

Carlene is on the assembly lines of Mitchel Plastics placing plastic materials on appropriate parts.

Thomas flips pizzas and washes dishes at Earth & Stone Pizza.

Our residents are capable.. and we are so thankful for those employers in the heart of Huntsville that know so.

"While others talk.. do. While others fear.. believe. While others wait.. work. While others despair.. hope."

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