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Stay Balanced While Social Distancing

Happy Saturday! With a lot of changes happening spiritually, physically and financially, we want to help.

Spiritually-Stop to breathe. We pray for those who are lonely. They can call us at 256-489-9414 or 256-270-8423. Residents would love to talk. Look for your favorite church that may offer an online service. Read a daily devotional. Call or write to a friend that you haven't spoken to in a long time. Taking ourselves out of the picture and putting God in it helps fill our soul.

Physically-Go take a walk. If it is back and forth in your house or stepping outside, walking reduces anxiety. Residents are going on a social distancing walk when the weather is nice and it really helps. If you want to come over and have a "window talk" through the window or host a class online, let us know. Staying physical helps us mentally.

Fiscally-Plan a budget. With a stimulus coming in for most individuals, do you want to give, pay off debt or buy something special? A plan will go a long way when you look back and see how you accomplished your goal. Our plan is to secure the future of 305 8th Street. You can contribute to our capital campaign or help meet our everyday needs. A list this week that would make all of the difference is for people to check our Amazon for outdoor games the residents wish to have and send their favorite snacks. They haven't been shopping in 6 weeks and this is no fun. Donors can give the fun.

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