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The cost to provide the 24-hour, full-care to each one of our residents is $3,500.00 per month. Because most of our residents income comes from Supplemental Security Income (SSI) that has a maximum of $943.00 a month, if they qualify. We are in constant work within our community to help make the difference up. 

Please consider donating through our PayPal or Venmo

We are so happy to own homes built from 1949, 1952, and 2019. However, wear and tear is a part of owning a home. We are constantly working to make capital improvements on our homes for our residents and community. 

Please consider donating through our PayPal or Venmo

Endowment growth is key to ensuring that our mission continues to help the growing number of adults who need our services. Our goal is to grow our endowment to over 3 million dollars so that a monthly allotment can be used for those unable to afford our care. 

Please consider donating to our endowment through the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville

People always ask what we need for our homes. We always say "What do you need for your home?" Consider shopping our Amazon Wishlist to have items sent over to our homes. These are items that we are in need of and we update it frequently. 


Schedule a Meal with Us

From corporations to individuals. Anybody can donate a meal or snack to the residents

of Eighth Street Community. This is a wonderful way to volunteer with us.

If you are interested, please contact our Resource Manager Sheila Bowie at or Program Supervisor Wanda McCoy by filling out this brief form. at

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