305 8th Street is closely monitoring updates related to the growing concern of the Coronavirus COVID-19, and we are responding accordingly. We take the threat of the COVID-19 virus very seriously and are working to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents, staff, sponsors, and visitors. We are aggressively putting measures in place following the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s strategies to prevent the spread of the virus in long-term care facilities.


Care facilities such as nursing homes and hospitals in the State of Alabama are taking precautions, and while we do not fall into any of these groups on paper, we still consider it our duty to treat our residents with the same level of care and concern. Our homes have many residents and staff members who are vulnerable to this and other respiratory illnesses. Just as we take flu season seriously in the 8th Street Community, we are doing all that we can as per long-term care facility regulations to keep our home safe.

As expenses rise due to this crisis, we need help more than ever.


We would like to request that you mask upon your visit to our homes or supported locations. 


• We are still accepting donations on-site at our homes, and as a matter of fact, we need them now more than ever. Basic needs such as garbage bags, pantry items (Oatmeal, pancake mix, etc.), and cleaning supplies are in big demand. 


Groups are encouraged to continue to prepare food in disposable containers and deliver them to the site in which you planned to serve. Donation delivery sites are set up at 305 8th Street at the 2nd Avenue entrance and the front door at Nora’s House (312 8th Street). 

• Continuing until further notice, residents will be not be attending programs, unless they are required to work or have mandatory appointments. Residents with families may choose to keep their loved ones at home but will be required to have them COVID tested before returning to the home. They will not be attending day programs or large group outings.

As numbers reduce, at the discretion of the Executive Director, some programs and work will be approved if it doesn't put the resident at high risk.  We are working to provide opportunities in the home to keep them busy.

• Residents who become ill will be quarantined to their rooms.  

• House Managers will work their regular schedule. In the event of an outbreak of symptoms, the board has approved additional staff who can work in the home with a stipend for staff who help during an outbreak. Administrative employees are permitted to work virtually but required to check in and make physical visits.


• While we are always in need of donations, expenses due to the quarantine have risen. In this time of need, we thrive off of large amounts of small donations just as we thrive off of large ones - Any kind of donation makes a difference. Click here to donate to us through PayPal, or click here to visit our Facebook page and click on the donation button under our cover photo.


• Our supervisors are making preparations to keep us stocked with food, medication, and supplies throughout this outbreak. Our friends at Huntsville Hospital and Industrial Properties of the South are helping us stock up in this time of need. You can help us too! Click here to see a full list of our biggest needs.

• This illness not only impacts the physical condition of our community but mentally. For almost all of our residents, day trips such as going shopping highlight their life and make their week. Regardless of whether they are sick or not, this quarantine is hard on them, and we want them to feel loved. They would greatly appreciate phone calls or letters and cards.

Addresses & Phone Numbers:

(305 8th Street) 305 8th Street NW Huntsville, AL 35805 | 256-489-9414

(Nora's House) 312 8th Street NW Huntsville, AL 35805 | 256-270-8423

Business Calls 256-489-2997, for a directory of admin, visit "About Us"


We are preparing care packages for our residents (Small coolers, water, word searches, movies, books, wet wipes, etc.) and need your help. Gift cards for Walmart and Amazon would also be appreciated, along with activities to do. Visit "Our Needs"

• Care packages for staff who are quarantined are also being prepared. (Twin blow-up mattresses, sheets, snacks, and gift cards for their service.)

Your help keeping us safe and assisting us in this time of need is much appreciated. Thank you for your time and understanding that our family is just like anyone else. When we have a crisis, it is love and prayer that keep us together. 


If you need to reach me directly, call 256-489-2997 or email.


             Sincere Thanks,

                         Andrea Williams