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Care Matters: A Glimpse into Life at Eighth Street Community

At Eighth Street Community, the day begins with bustling energy as the homes come alive at 5:30 a.m. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air, and by 7 a.m., residents start emerging from their rooms. It is a structured routine, reminiscent of a school-like environment, where each day holds its own special activities and opportunities for growth.

On Tuesdays, residents delve into the world of art, expressing their creativity and exploring different mediums with art teacher and board member, Marilynn Szecholda.

Wednesdays are dedicated to wellness, promoting physical and mental well-being through various activities.

And on Fridays, the residents experience a sense of freedom, engaging in activities in the community.

Life skills are an essential part of the residents' journey at Eighth Street. With the guidance of Chef Tony, they learn to cook in the kitchen, gaining independence and mastering valuable skills.

Marilynn Szecholda, Board Member

Additionally, they work on Trash Panda games, fostering teamwork and problem-solving abilities.

Amidst the daily routine, there is a sense of community and care that permeates the atmosphere. Clothes are washed, ensuring everyone is comfortable and clean. Mouths are fed, as nutritious meals are prepared with love. And as the day winds down, some residents tuck in at 8:30 p.m., while others stay up to catch the latest news at 10 p.m.

(Video of Thomas)

No one can narrate their first day at Eighth Street better than Thomas Anderton, who became a resident in 2020.

Moving into a new place with unfamiliar faces can be an adventure filled with both excitement and apprehension. Thomas' unique story highlights the transformative impact that Eighth Street has on its residents. To learn more about his extraordinary journey and the experiences of others, join us at the annual Love Grows Here Fundraiser, proudly sponsored by Venturi, a Chenega Company.

The Love Grows Here Fundraiser is a cherished event that celebrates the mission of Eighth Street Community. By attending, you contribute to the care and well-being of the residents who depend on the support and services provided. It is an opportunity to witness the incredible impact that a nurturing community can have on individuals' lives.

Join us as we gather for an evening of inspiration, heartfelt stories, and a shared commitment to creating a better future for the residents of Eighth Street. Your presence at the Love Grows Here Fundraiser, a testament to your care and compassion, will make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who call Eighth Street home.

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