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Remembering Those Who Served

On this Memorial Day, we gather as a community to honor and remember the immense sacrifices made by our brave veterans in their unwavering commitment to serve and protect our country. It is a time to reflect upon the selflessness and courage displayed by these individuals, as well as the profound impact they have had on our lives and the freedoms we cherish.

At 8th Street Community, this Memorial Day holds a special place in our hearts as we not only remember the heroes who fought on distant battlefields, but also those who found themselves in our care. We pay tribute to our loved ones who may no longer be with us, their spirits forever etched in our memories, and the love they shared with us. Their presence continues to inspire and guide us as we navigate the challenges of life.

Remembering Barney Hallmark

Barney Hallmark served during the Vietnam War. He possessed a quiet demeanor that resonated with those around him.

His exceptional manners and reserved nature were a testament to his character. He found solace and camaraderie among his friends at 8th Street.

Despite his typically reserved nature, Barney would occasionally embrace the joy of being silly, surprising those around him with his lightheartedness.

Barney's warm smile and gentle blue eyes spoke volumes about his kind-hearted nature. Serving Barney became a privilege and a delight for those who had the opportunity. Barney's dedication to his military service will forever be remembered as a testament to his commitment and sacrifice for our nation.

May this Memorial Day be a time of reflection, unity, and gratitude as we honor our veterans and the loved ones who hold a special place in our hearts. Together, we stand united in appreciation for their service and dedication, pledging to carry their legacy forward.

With deepest respect and admiration,

Eighth Street Community

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