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Christmas in July [Help Wanted!]

It's Christmas in July!

Christmas in July is an event to address the mid-year needs and concerns of our residents and their home. Just like receiving gifts and enjoying the festive holidays; CiJ is all about giving our residents bundles of surprises and helping them enjoy the summer! On July 25th; they'll get to open plenty of presents, eat delicious food, and enjoy an awesome pool party to beat the summer heat!

How Can I Help?

Many hearts and hands are needed for this event. We are seeking help for these important positions:

✦ Event Directing

✦ Chairpersons (Currently Open for All Events)

✦ Event Sponsor(s) - $2000

We need both individual and corporate sponsors to fund this event. In addition to financial donation, consider making this a hands-on project for your company or group by manning the grills and kitchen.


✦ Christmas is a time for wishes, but 305’s CiJ is a time to adress the real needs of our residents. (Clothing, socks, underwear, bedding, sugar-free cereal and snacks, $25 gift cards and written words of encouragement.)

✦ Each of our 26 residents completes a personal list of needs valued at $100 - Everyone in our care deserves a basket of wacky fun on this special day!

✦ Donors can pick up laundry baskets to fill at 305 8th Street on Friday, June 14th. Baskets are to be returned to 305 8th Street by Friday, July 19th, where they will sit beneath a palm tree waiting to be unwrapped by the residents on July 25th!

Special Meals

✦ Donors provide the meals for us to make the day extra special.

✦ Breakfast 7:00AM - It's an all-you-can-eat pancake extravaganza, prepared and served by an area sponsor.

✦ Lunch 12PM/Noon - After such an exciting morning, our residents will be ready to chill. We are looking for a donor to bring in 26 box lunches that can be used for party prep.

✦ Dinner 4:30PM - We will need a group of volunteers that can light the grill, prepare, and serve the food for the pool party.

Decoration & Set-Up

✦ Around 3:00PM, we need a group of volunteers to decorate and set up. Decorations will need to be put out, tables and chairs arranged, drinks iced down, inflatable installation supervised, and our band/DJ prepared.

Clean Up

✦ We will need a group of volunteers to help with clean up after the party. This entails taking decorations, tables and chairs down, food clean up and storage of leftovers and just generally returning our property to its pre-party state.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, join us for an organization meeting on Wednesday, May 29, 2019 - 1:00 pm - At our home on 305 8th Street.

If you cannot attend the meeting and want to help, or accept one of the opportunities listed above, please call Terry Thompson at 256-503-0637 or terry@3058thstreet.org