305 8th Street Endowment

The Little Granny Campaign

Nancy Lee Holmes was the matriarch of the 305 8th Street Community family.  Not having any children of her own, she boasted as everyone's Granny.  Her southern charm won the hearts of many that we have a porch in her honor and this campaign in her memory.  She passed away in 2019, but Little Granny is still in our hearts.

This campaign is to raise $50,000 to gorw our endowment.

Leka B. Medenbach established the 305 8th Street Endowment in honor of her two daughters.  Leka is an ex-officio member of the board and has been advocating for the residents since 2007.  

If interested in supporting 305 8th Street's Endowment at Merrill Lynch, please call Andrea Williams at 256-261-3606.

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