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305 8th Street

Huntsville AL, 35805


Who's your everyday hero? Are they a relative who's always been there for you? Your caregiver? Your trusted friend since high school? When we think of the word "Hero", we think of superheroes soaring through the air and life-threatening danger, but sometimes the people we see every day are the ones that save us the most. Come join us in the gorgeous Grand Hall at Huntsville Botanical Gardens for a night dedicated to the people who make sure that we never have to face life alone.


Join us for an evening of comedy and heart-warming stories as we give tribute to the everyday heroes that we love. Watch our slideshow tribute of the everyday heroes of all our guests - Have a cocktail at our open bar and drum up some conversation about which loved one on the big screen is yours'! Come eat dinner side-by-side with the residents that will be supported by your generous donation to 305 8th Street, because in the 8th Street Community, every donor and every volunteer is our hero.


Silent Auction will be held throughout the event. You may not be able to bid on a key to the city, but take a look at our tables of wonderful items and get the chance to take home something worthy of any heroic deed.


Open to all guests 21 and over. Come dressed as formally as you like, ready to relax over a fancy dinner and wholesome company. Capes and spandex heavily discouraged for this event.


To be included in the slideshow - Purchase any ticket before February 25th and reply to our confirmation email with a picture of your everyday hero, their name and yours', and a few short sentences about what makes them your hero. Every guest is welcome to be included in the slideshow at no extra cost, so if you are bringing multiple guests, please encourage them to send in their pictures as well.