Our Homes

Our Homes

Our mission is to create a loving, family environment through establishing traditions and advocating for each resident’s best interest and ability.


305 8th Street and the Gallery

305 8th Street is comprised of a group of adults who need full-time supervision including daily assistance, case management, and transportation.  We have an open house every day and a room dedicated to works of art developed by our residents and other artists in our community.


MOMs at 310 8th Street

Medication, Observation, and Meals, also known as MOMs is designed for disabled adults who need assistance. Just as is states, we help people manage their daily routines and assist them in their development to reach a higher level of independence.


Nora's House-COMING Spring 2017

Our dream is to expand for individuals on our waiting list that do not meet the state waiver requirements.  The Widman Family donated the property at 312 8th Street and through a partnership with The Jane K. Lowe Foundation, Legacy Homes and Madison County Commission, District 5 we have never been closer to making this home a reality.  


Nora is the former owner of 312 8th Street. In her loving memory, we named the home after the caring neighbor who always provided fresh fruit and help to residents in need.










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